Sunday, November 4, 2007


Amateur Radio celebrates Eid / Raya Open House at Orphanage Rumah Aman Shah Alam 4 th Nov 2007.
It was an Open House with a difference! United Amateur Radio celebrated Eid with 24 orphans from the Rumah Amal Limpangan Kasih in Puchong and 30 orphans Ruman Aman Shah Alam recently.
Magic Shows, Telematch Games, Rappers Presentations, Amateur Radio Demos and other fun activities entertained the children. Food was plentiful too, with a variety of dishes served; from mee rebus, BBQ lamb, Murtabak and Pizza servings. The excess food did not go to waste; it was packed and given back to the two orphanages for the children's supper.
The children had so much fun and laughter! Many were rewarded with prizes from the games and telematches. Goodie bags were given to all who came, so at the end of the day no one went home empty handed. The magic show was excellent too, as it got both the children excited and adults laughing. The children also sang-along with a guest rapper from Senegal who entertained them with his songs.
Throughout the event Amateur Radio communication was also demonstrated to the children and adults by 9W2OBR and our senior member, 9M2DS.
The celebration attracted over 100 Amateur Radio members, together with their families and friends. It was day to remember indeed and an opportunity for all of us to interact with the orphans as well as "eyeball" each other
I take this opportunity to thank those who donated items as well as their time, including HAM members who donated food items (9w2afy,9w2 ice, 9w2gl) and those who gave their time as volunteers (9m2ds, 9m2mmm, 9w2adc, 9w2boi, 9w2vt, 9w2bsd, 9w2obr, 9w2tkk and many more).

My thanks also goes out to Amateur radio friends i.e. Hanim Abdul Rahman, Siti Sajidah, Putri Razita , Lorna Ali, Lyana Harun, Denis Stepanenko and staff of Rumah Aman all of whom donated presents, goodie bags and their time . Finally , our thanks to Rumah Aman for having us there. You can view photos of this event by clicking on this link : OPEN HOUSE AT RUMAH AMAN.

For those who would like to assist or donate to Rumah Aman you can contact them at Rumah Aman Shah Alam , Lot 2A, Jalan Bunga Cempaka 2 / 11, Seksyen 2, 40000 Shah Alam, Selangor D.E. MALAYSIA Tel: 603-5519 0107 Fax: 603-5512 5817 Website:

Sunday, September 23, 2007



The buka puasa at the Limpahan Kasih orphanage in Puchong was a great success. The operator of the orphanage, as well as the orphans - thank you all for your help and contributions.

As for a "joy ride" organized for the orphans, we were privileged to have as many as 21 offroad 4x4 vehicles taking part! The orphans had so much fun and adventure throughout the ride on the nearby offroad track, that they did not stop talking about it! Many were also eager to know more about our activities. Our heartfelt thanks and appreciation is extended to the team from the Offroader Shack or ORS for taking the kids for the joyride.

We had also set up a number of radio stations to demonstrate to the kids what radio communication is about. Many volunteers also chipped in to help prepare the food.

Last but not least, many many thanks to all the volunteers, ham and non-ham alike, who joined the 4x4 trip, help to cook, set up radio stations and/or coordinate the event, as well as those that donated cash, secondhand items, toys, gifts and school items (they even got bicycles!).
Thank you for making it a memorable time for orphans. We hope to do more of such events in the future!
Click here to view the photo slide show of the event: BUKA PUASA WITH PUCHONG ORPHANS

Azhar 9W2AXE
(PS : We will be going to an orphanage in Sabak Bernam 30 th Sept. If anyone wants to give second hand items , clothes , school items, school bags, Baju raya?toys , bicycles. Kids are aged 8 to 16 yrs. Please ask your neighbours and friends. Email me for more info. We will come and collect. Azhar.)

Thursday, February 1, 2007


The response was truly overwhelming with almost RM12,000-00 worth of goods donated. Donations at Alibaba restaurant TTDI KL continued to flow throughout the night of 31 January 2007 and we ended up getting a lorry to transport the donated goods together with a convoy of 24 cars made up of amateur radio members (HAM) and non-HAM alike.
At 9 am Thursday, 1 February 2007, we made our way to Bukit Ibam. With the help of the Ketua Balai from the Balai Polis Bukit Ibam, Sergeant Major Rageli bin Asri, as well as the Ketua Kampung (Tok Empat), En Md Zamri bin Budin arrangements was made to repack the donated goods with assistance from womenfolk so that the items could be equally distributed to flood victims concerned. These ladies worked very hard from 3 pm till midnight to get the job done! By midnight the donated goods were neatly packed ready for distribution the next day.
On Friday, 2 February 2007, each vehicle from the convoy to be assigned a load of donated goods for a particular village, from here the goods were transported to various villages around Bukit Ibam. We convoyed and dropped off donations to several villages i.e. Asrama Sekolah Kebangsaan Bukit Ibam, Kg Buluh Nipis, Kg Aur, Kg Kemara, Kg Plum, Kg Aur Keladang (detailed info can be found below). From most of the villages we visited, flood watermarks of between 2ft to 5ft were clearly visible. In certain instances, the Titi Gantung (walking bridge for crossing over the river) was severely damaged resulting in a total cutoff for the village communities. By the afternoon, another team was formed to assist in community work and to rebuild bridges for the planned trip on Saturday, 3 February 2007, to Kg Jubar, a remote village located northwest of Bukit Ibam. The team managed to rebuild one of the bridges allowing villagers to access the northern region to the nearest main road. i.e. Route 12.
On Saturday morning of 3 February 2007, our team faced the toughest challenge - “the road to Jubar”. Whilst the weather was on our side, dark clouds were lurking and hovering above us. We prayed hard that it does not rain. Unfortunately, one of the vehicles in the convoy got stuck in the mud but managed to break free without assistance. Had it rained, the track would have been considered “hardcore” as the dirt track was steep and there were many crevices and gullies to maneuver.
Our first stop on Saturday, 3 February 2007, was Kg Langkap Lama. The track conditions were very steep and narrow. The assigned cars veered off into Kg Langkap Lama whilst the main convoy stationed themselves on the main track. After unloading donations and upon rejoining the main convoy, we proceeded to Kg Jubar.
We were happily greeted by the Tok Batin and villagers of Kg Jubar upon our arrival. A lot of happy and relieved faces. The balance of our donated goods were unloaded here. In gratitude, the Tok Batin offered their harvest of giant ubi kayu while En Md Zamri, the Ketua Kampong, presented a plaque to show their appreciation to our team leaders 9W2SBS, En Aiznin and 9W2AXE, En Azhar.
Despite the rough trip we had endured, the effort was well worth it. We would like to thank all HAM members and friends of HAM who have donated, assisted in the charity event as well as those who have sacrificed their time and their own expense to participate in this event. Special thanks also go to the KL crew. We would like to thank HAM friends from Segamat, Bandar Muadzam Shah and PERAMAH (Kuantan) who came to provide support. This effort would not have been possible without all of you!
Finally our special thanks to Land & General Bhd KL Sports Club, The Malaysian Bar Council, FAMA, Kontena National Bhd, Time Engineering Bhd and Bumihiway for their support and generous contributions.
Thank you for “giving help directly to those who need them most !”
Reported by 9W2AXE.


CLICK HERE -Information / report on Bukit Ibam villages affected by floods

Sunday, January 14, 2007




Thanks for your donations


Our plan to transport medical officers and food relief to Kampong Peta in Johor on 13th January 2007 was cancelled due to heavy floods affecting the Keluang to Kahang stretch which had also destroyed 3 bridges linking Kampong Peta.
With the villagers now relocated to higher ground, we decided to convoy to Segamat where we had a few contacts on the ground level. Our plans for medical and relief efforts are now diverted to relief efforts only and donated items have been redirected to other areas as worsening flood situations hampered reach to other parts of Johor.
Our objective was to send donated goods to flood victims who needed them most, especially those cut-off from mainstream government and corporate assistance – and we managed that.
Our group of 16 offroad vehicles comprising 17 Ham and 12 non-Ham members were fully equipped - we even had a boat ready for action. We offloaded half of the load of donations received on Saturday, 13th January 2007, to the worst affected town areas i.e. the 5 villages around Segamat i.e Kg. Batu Badak, Kg. Pogoh 3, Kg Pogoh 2, Kg Tungku 3 and Kg Sekijang.
On the second day, Sunday, 14th January 2007, we made a breakthrough with most effective distribution. We met our objective to distribute your donations to the most needy and neglected flood victims. Through off-road tracks, we were the first to arrive to provide relief efforts to the folks in Kg Orang Asli Segamat Kechil (population of 400) which were cut-off from the main by broken bridges. The balance of our donated goods were unloaded here.
Children and kampong folks came running to greet us. Seeing the people there made all our troubles worthwhile. Houses wiped out by the first flood, even relief shelters was flooded, schools flooded, lost of income due to rain and lost of belongings. The Tok Batin explained that they were the last to get any help and with all the children running to help carry the goods, I noticed Pak Dollah was close to tears. I must say many others tried to hold back their emotions.
We would like to thank all our generous donors - Ham and non-Ham alike – all being united for a good cause. The response was better then we expected with 16 cars packed full. We estimated goods valued about RM7,000 together with bundles of clothing. We were left with one car full of clothes and a bag of 50 kg rice that couldn’t be offloaded to the affected areas. Items are in my possession to be kept for future use.
Thanks to the team effort of our convoy of 4x4 members who went on their own expense and took time off from work for this purpose, especially, 9W2PO, BIL, YZ, BOI, EET, SCM, BON, ICE, SBS, AFY, KYC, CBO, MKK, CBB, KAT, OOM and finally, our most senior member, 9M2DS. Many wanted to come but couldn’t. Those who didn’t come but helped out with the charity drive – a BIG thank u.
Everyone played a role in this. Our mission accomplished.!!
We cannot do this alone! These people need your help, with all the equipments, off-road vehicles and appropriate gear, we have what it takes to go to the most remote areas. Let us put our differences aside and our hands together and work as a team to achieve our target to bring help directly to those who need them most and are neglected from the mainstream government assistance.
If we have another charity drive join us to help those who need them most.!!
To the person who donated tons of beehoon - Tok Batin says thanks, he loves beehoon!