Monday, March 24, 2008

2 meter net: Polis DiRaja Malaysia Day - 25 Mar 2008

Please be informed that there will be a 2 meter net to celebrate the Police Diraja Malaysia Day on 25th March 2008. It will be held at 9:00pm on RKK. Our veteran 9M2DS, Pak Dollah will be the net controller to start the net.

Please do check in and and join us to make this happen.

Puchong Orphanage car convoy carnival around KL on 6th April -looking for volunteers with cars

Limpahan Kasih orphanage in Puchong will be holding a car convoy with celebrities around KL on Sunday morning, 6th April 2008.

We want to provide the opportunity for these orphans to travel in a luxury car (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Honda..etc) or 4x4 vehicles or super bikes. Any car or car clubs can join the convoy. Please volunteer to take them for a ride in your vehicle. However, fuel cost will be on your own expense, and this will be part of your contribution to them. There will be police escorts for the convoy and a full activity programme with breakfast and lunch served on that special day.

Do join us and make it a day to remember for these orphans! If you like to join please give your name to 9w2ZSH at (019)219-9949 and email

Saturday, March 15, 2008

When 9M writes : QRX , QRT & Pull the big switch

USAGE OF QRX- QRX means 'I will call you again at...' or 'When will you call me again'. You usually say 'QRX one ( one second or one minute )....QRX 15 minutes I am going to make a cup of coffee..". Some literature defines QRX as 'Hold on a minute, I will be right back". The Wikipedia difines it as "Hold on a minute, I will be right back..".
It is recommened that you to mention QRX followed by the time frame. If you say 'QRX 10 minutes..." you must call the station you are contacting in 10 minutes time. Of course plus-minus 10 seconds. If you are not sure how long, you can say "Please QRX for a few minutes, I got a land line..." or "QRX for a while, I'll be back after I finish my job" .
QRX does not mean 'I am going QRT but I am not closing down the station'. In fact on phone several essays suggested that it is better not to use codes made for CW. If you want to sign just say you want to sign. You can monitor after signing. You can also go to fish market after signing. If you pull the big switch then you switch off your station. Sometimes you say '..see you again further down the log..'. Log can mean the logbook. His station will be the last station when you contact him. Then there will be another last station and last and last; further down the log.
Other words which you can use is 'please stand-by','hold on'. Or you can say ' I am signing but I will be monitoring'. Sadly enough now many Amateur members are using QRX to mean QRT and Temporary QRT. QRT does not mean 'closing down the station'. It means '...stop sending..'. Your radio can still be on. However, if you are closing down station you can say pull the big switch, your radio is off.
From 9M2AR

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Friday 14th Mar at AP2- Check your car set up ! and antenna

This Friday 14 Mar at AP 2 (Anis Putri 2) . (You can find Location of AP2 on the side bar) . There will be an antenna analyser and SWR meter and friends to help check your vehicle set up. See you there.

Saturday, March 8, 2008



The Wireless Institute of Australia advises that on 14 February 2008 a Class Licence issued by the Australian regulator, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), allowing visiting amateurs to operate while in Australia came into effect.
The Class Licence is issued under the Australian Radio communications legislation,and allows any overseas amateur visiting Australia to operate for up to 90 days after each entry to Australia. A visiting amateur does not have to make any application or payment to operate, but must hold evidence of a licence or qualification recognised by ACMA and a call sign issued by the administration that issued the licence orqualification.
The conditions of operation are fully set out in the Class Licence, including the 5 levels of operation permitted.
The Class Licence may be found on the WIA’s website
The level of operation, which range from the privileges and bands allowed to the Australian Advanced licence to a 146 to 148 MHz low power FM licence (essentiallyfor hand held operation), depends on the level of the overseas licence.
Overseas licences and the equivalent level are set out in the Table of Equivalent Qualifications and Licences which can be found on the ACMA’s website. The URL for the part of the ACMA site ‘Apparatus Licensing – Amateurs Visiting Australia’that includes the table is: ACMA WEBSITE
There are currently a number of errors and omissions in the Table of Equivalent Qualifications and Licences and the WIA is assisting ACMA in identifying them.Any suggestions should be emailed to the WIA at
It is hoped that Australia will shortly become party to the CEPT T/R 61-01 for the benefit of Australian amateurs travelling overseas.The WIA is delighted that all visiting amateurs will now find it so easy to operate in Australia.

Click here to view official letter from WIA

Thursday, March 6, 2008

7 Mar Friday Eyeball Anis Putri 2

This Friday eyeball will be at Anis Putri 2 (Ex Alibaba). The same old location, map is attached on the side bar under TT places.Its been a long time we have not eyeball at that usual den. See you there!

Monday, March 3, 2008


At 4:53am this morning I received a SMS from 9W2ALX, that his second baby, Seri Nur Farisya binti Muhammad Firdaus, passed away due to heart complications.Our deepest condolence to Alex and his wife. Al-Fatihah