Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 meter Net on Sat 31 May 9pm on 9M2RKK and 10 pm on 9M4RES. Check in for Cancer Relay for Life.

Cancer doesnt sleep! ........... Amateur Radio team going to join them to walk the relay track all night until morning! We will keep everyone awake with our radio until the closing lap! good luck guys!

Two days to go!!! If you have nothing to do this weekend. Join us at the national cancer society "Relay for Life". Many HAM members will be there to eyeball and participate in the event.

HAM members from various clubs will be there to assist in communication and promote Amateur Radio jointly. There will be a Amateur Radio exhibition booth at the center marquee of the Bukit Jalil MSN training stadium. Entry fee is $10 per person and children below 12yrs is free. Registration open until midnight. Most of us will be there until morning. Currently, there are 20 HAM Communication volunteers and 30 HAM participants and more in the team events

Date : Saturday 31 may 2008
Time: 4 PM (to 10 am next morning.)

More information on :

There will be many activities and competition for the family, fun and games for children. Fellow HAM member 9W2MKK who is cycling for charity from Taiping to Bukit Jalil will be arriving about 5 PM on that day.

A 2 Meter net will be held at 9 PM on 9M2RKK and 10 PM on 9M4RES to create awareness amongst members. Members can check in and make a wish towards their family and friends lost or suffering from cancer. Our Pak Dollah 9M2DS will be net controller for that day. Please stay tune to RKK all night after midnight .....we will be there to stay awake.

Come and give your support and have fun at the same time.
See you there!

Below is last year relay for life 2007 picture

Relay for Life program Part 1

Relay for life program Part 2

Amateur Radio team program - Ham members check this out!

Friday, May 23, 2008


Law Tzuo Hann, who cycled all the way back to Malaysia from US after his graduation, is now embarking on another bike ride, this time raising funds for the National Cancer Society's Relay for Life event happening on 31 May 2008. Tzuo Hann, along with some 20 friends and cycling enthusiasts, will be cycling from Taiping to Bkt Jalil, where the Relay for Life event is being held. The group is hoping to arrive in time for the official start of the event at around 5pm.

Our fellow HAM member, 9W2MKK Mike Khor, who lost his father to cancer, will be cycling together with them in their bid to raise money for the National Cancer Society.

The planned route:
1st Day, Thursday 29 May-- Taiping, Simpang,Kg Kualla Terung,Pantai Remis, Damai Laut, Lumut
2nd Day, Friday 30 May -- Lumut, Hutang Melintang, Sabak Bernam, Sekinchan,
3rd Day, Saturday 31 -- Sekinchan, Kapar, Klang, Kesas Highway and Bukit Jalil stadium.

This is the planned route and may be subject to changes nearer to the event.
Fellow HAMs can meet up with 9W2MKK along the route to give support for this good cause. We also hope to QSO with him on the National Link as he makes his way to KL. Please tune in to MARTS National Link during this time to QSO with Mike. Let's join hands in applauding our HAM member for making this effort towards a good cause. If you wish to meet 9w2mkk along the route please email to me

If any one would like to donate, they can do so by making their cheques payable to "National Cancer Society Malaysia".

Below is a picture of 9w2mkk cycling


Wednesday, May 21, 2008


May 1 2008, NorthJohor MARTS organised an (RACES) Emergency Communication Drill attended by hams from Segamat, Muar, Melaka, representatives from NESRAC and JASRA.
Hams were given an exposure on how important it is for hams to know how to set up a portable station. Elmers, 9M2WT, 9M2DA, 9M2FX and 9M2KMA were at hand to give hams some pointers. Hams present were given a basic description emergency communication protocol... dos and don'ts

Teams of hams were then sent to various parts of Bukit Kepong and from their locations, they sent messages back to base and to each other. By the end of the day, some teams were asking for more. So more will come in future.

18 days later... May 19, 2008..12 noon...our RACES practise were put to use.... NorthJohor MARTS received a call from Moi Adventure (Moi Adventure is a Gunung Ledang mountain guide/trekker group). Moi Adventure and NorthJohor have been planning an SAR Emergency Communication Exercise on the montains for hams. 40 trekkers have shown interests to be hams. This call told us that 6 climbers were lost since May 18.

Within 2 hours, we were at Sagil police station which was made the operation office. As we arrived... the police offficer in-charge requested our help to provide communication for the rescuers. Immediately we set up a communication centre at the Sagil police station with 9M2DA acting as Emergency Coordinator (EC) and activated our RACES protocol with fellow hams from Segamat, Muar and Melaka rushing in with their equipments and 4-wheel jalopies. Rescuers involved in the SAR were Bomba, JPA3 and Moi Adventure trekkers.
By 1600hrs rescue teams accompanied by hams moved up to scan the mountains.
We set up 3 more portable stations forming a parameter to monitor the rescuers. Hams stayed up as long as there were still rescuers in the mountains and the rescuers were up in the mountains until dawn!

At 4am, May 20, a ham with one of the rescue team manage to spot a fire on one of the peaks. They contacted the climbers and confirmed it was their signal. Finally, the climbers were found at 9.20am.

Many were impressed with our communication methods. Climbers' parents who monitored the rescue at our station were thankful so were the rescuers.

Moi Adventure and NorthJohor MARTS will still continue with our plans to hold an SAR Emergency Communication Exercise. It would probably take 2 days but it will be nothing compared to real live situations

QSP from 9W2PCK

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The national cancer society is holding an event "relay for life"
Walk the track in Bukit Jalil stadium in support of cancer patients struggling with the illness. Many of us have had family members or friends who lost their life to cancer or suffering from cancer - so let us give them the support they need!

Amateur Radio is forming a team to participate in the event to be held on 31 May 2008 at 6pm until 6 am next morning at bukit Jalil Stadium.
It is an overnight team event held in a carnival-like atmosphere filled with fun, comradeship and festivities. Participants have lots of fun as they challenge themselves and take turns to complete a relay style walk/ run. It is a time when people of various walks of life team up to raise public awareness about cancer in the community and to raise funds to find the cure.
In addition to the team members who are walking the track, hundreds of other participants are expected to camp out, create a community party atmosphere.

For more information please check out website

They also requested for assistance in communications from Amateur Radio. We need volunteers to participate as a team or as a communication liaison. There will be goodie bags, very nice T-shirts and food coupons for the first 15 communication volunteers. So sign up now !! For team members 10 to each team, there will be prizes and goodies. Amateur Radio will have a its center in a marquee next to the medical team. Form your team or join in as individuals by contacting 9w2axe Azhar for more info or email

All are welcome especially you and your family members. Many activities and games are planned in the programme including a 'beauty pageant' - any volunteers for the pageant anyone?………anyone?

relay 4 life

Click here to
Link to the Relay for life Program - Page1
Link to Relay for life Program - Page 2

LOCAL NEWS: THE ICE HAS MELTED. ! 9w2ice weds on 11 May

XYL for 9w2ice …………… May harmonics come soon !
Weddings held at Civic center state PJ on 11 May sunday. Many Ham members with XYL eyeballed at the reception.
Bob! hope we still see you around at AP2 offen.
Please check below for pictures and updated pictures

Nikah and wedding reception photos click here.

Photos courtesy of 9w2lyz please click

Photos courtesy of 9w2mik please click here