Monday, December 1, 2008


RACES - "Radio Amateur Civil and Emergency Services".

MARTS RACES team conducts Emergency drill in Kangar Perlis on 22th Nov to HAMs in the area.

RACES team comprising of 9M2DA, 9M2LC, 9M2LR, 9M2PX, 9W2PCK, 9W2ART, 9W2ZE, 9W2SOR, 9W2WOC, 9W2RAY, 9W2ACY and 9W2AXE conducted a briefing on Saturday 22 Nov night followed by a simulated emergency drill on Sunday. Participants were split into groups and taught how to relay messages from goverment agencies involved through field responders ( licensed HAM operators trained by RACES). It is vital that HAMs should be trained to convey messages amongst members, in addition integrate and syncronise communication procedures in disasters, so that we all speak the same language.
As volunteers, RACES objective and long term plan is to be able to prepare HAMS to work together and be trained in support of their local area that is hit by disaster. Most of us are volunteers and we do it during our free time hence supporting fellow HAM members is vital in order to ensure there is enough volunteers at the disaster area.
We must not forget that our role is to provide and assist in communication only during disaster. Furthermore, we can only assist if we are asked to do so. For this, we have to be a recognised body of trained personnel in communications.
Kindly contact MARTS or UNIARM if you are interested in RACES. Mr Choy Chee Keong En Azhar Abu Rais
Click here for slide show - Kangar Drill with RACES

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